Money Matters – Yelling for Yellen!

Good Morning. After being grilled for two hours yesterday from the Senate Banking Committee, Janet Yellen has passed her first hurdle in becoming the next and first female to lead the Federal Reserve.

In her prepared remarks, she stated that “the US economy is performing far short of its potential.” She continued with a similar tone in the questioning session by stating a very similar line to Chairman Bernanke…No asset bubbles, weak demand, continued unemployment and a fragile recovery, all of which was music to the markets ears!

Given the recent testimony, it’s apparent that market fears of eminent tapering are overstated as it’s fairly certain that nothing will be done until after she’s sworn in regardless of all the political noise and non-sense. I am still of the opinion that Fed easing will not start in a substantial manner for some time to come.

Lastly, the recent unemployment report while much better is still far short of a full recovery. I expect the numbers will be adjusted downwards in the coming months as they are greatly skewed by the Government shut down. Digging in to the numbers, its also clear that the types of jobs being created are not what the economy needs for long term sustained growth.

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